The forecast of the need for housing, social and communal infrastructure is carried out in conjunction with the development plans of the territories

As part of the instruction of the Head of State, work is underway to update the forecast of housing needs, social and communal infrastructure in conjunction with the plans for the development of the territory.

The Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, together with local executive bodies, based on building sketches, utility network plans, current and prospective population, planned housing and social facilities (education and health facilities), has determined the projected need for engineering infrastructure (construction of power plants, thermal power centers, water intakes, the length of electrical, thermal networks, water supply networks, water disposal and gas supply, number of pumping stations, sewage treatment plants) for the projected residential development until 2025.

Currently, the forecast indicators are being interconnected with the plans for the development of the territory with further adjustment of urban development projects and their introduction into the gradkadaster system.

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